New House Build

Your Dream Home

Empowering You To Have Your Dream Home Through a New House Build

Commisioning the build of your own home provides you with the empowerment to have input across the whole design and installment, from the flow and layout of your home to the small intricate details. 

Whether your new build home is of a grand or more modest scale the beauty of a new build is that it allows the design to be from the 'inside out', therefore ensuring no comprimises are made due to existing structures. Additionally with the advancements in building materials, including the use of sustainable solutions, Upright can create your perfect eco friendly home.

Upright possesses the build knowledge that allows your new build to be expertly constructed utilising the most advanced and appropriate building materials. 

Managing Your New House Building Project

Upright work in conjunction with your preferred architect/designer.

Your dedicated Upright Project Manager Is available throughout the entire process of your build, working closely with you, your appointment architect and local authorities.

Only items chosen and approved by you will be used in your build, right down to the finer points.

Build Security

Upright team members hold a strong duty of care to all our customers.  Our team members  are all skilled craftsmen, employed for their dedication and professionalism. 

By law all new build home's must adhere to certain planning and building regulations, official government guidance can be found at The Upright team possess in-depth knowledge of planning guidelines, providing you with the security that your new home complies with all necessary legal requirements.


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