Loft Conversions

Maximise your space

Maximising Your Homes Existing Roof Space With A Loft Conversion

An Upright Construction loft conversion can provide the bespoke additional space for your home you require whether it be a stunning master bedroom with en-suite, office space or guest accommodation.

Upright will only utilise the best design principles and building techniques from inception to completion to create an uncompromised living space.  Whether we're undertaking a roof light conversion, dormer conversion, hip-to-gable conversion, mansard conversion or a combination, our loft conversions are not built to be the after thought, where rooms are added when space was needed, they are designed and built to be a fully functioning space which feels as if it was always part of your home.   

In certain cases loft conversion projects may require certain planning regulations, official government guidance can be found at The Upright team possesses in-depth knowledge of planning guidelines, providing you with the security that your loft conversion complies with all necessary legal requirements.

Loft Conversion Costs

Our experienced team would undertake a conversion assessment to ascertain the suitability of your loft space, from here we would be in a position to provide you with an accurate cost for undertaking the conversion.  Loft conversions are generally the most straightforward way to increase space within your home and can be easily incorporated into a larger build project.

Managing Your Loft Conversion As Part Of Your Larger Build Project

Undertaken as part of your larger build project with Upright, your assigned dedicated Upright Project Manager is available throughout the entire process of your build.  

An Upright loft conversion will only be built with the most proficient materials for the job, our specialist team is always on hand to provide guidance and expert advice.

Looking To Undertake A Loft Conversion On Its Own?

We have a dedicated section of our business called Intotheloft for all our individual loft conversion projects which are not part of a larger build project.  Undertaken with the same care, attention, and philosophy as an Upright loft conversion, Intotheloft manages the design, project management and construction of all types of loft conversions.  To bring your loft to life visit


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