Vacating your home during building work

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Matthew Charlton | 18/04/16

We often get asked by clients if they need to move out of their home during building works.  Clearly not everyone's preference; however, if you're home is embarking on a major building project there are plus points to not living within the building site.

With an empty canvas to work within, the build timescale set by your builder should be met.  An experienced builder will have the ability to be accurate within their timescales, so vacating your property  doesn't necessarily mean the timescale will be reduced, however, it does mean there is a reduced risk of any work being damaged which could lead to snags and delays at the end.  

Working the whole site:
With a vacated site the build team have flexibility on how the property is managed and have the ability to instruct multiple teams to work on the whole site, this coupled with being able to manage the amenities coming into the property to the requirements of the build makes a more efficient build programme.

Health & Safety:
An extremely serious matter when it comes to building, all our building staff are briefed and educated on health and safety matters.  The risk of health and safety being compromised if there are people living on site, especially children and pets is increased, this places added pressure and responsibility onto the building team.

Returning to your home:
The stress and pressure of living at your home during building works can take the shine away from the finished project.  No matter how professional your appointed building contractor is they will not be able to eliminate the upheaval it can put upon you to live within the building project.  

Home insurance:
A note to consider - If your property is going to be 'vacant' for a period of time it is worth contacting your household insurer to ensure that your policy will remain valid.

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