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Matthew Charlton | 3/12/15

Are you ready to take on an additional full-time job? 
Having a dedicated on-site project manager for your build provides a host of benefits to you, here I explore the top 10 responsibilities of your project manager which will keep your build on track and remove hassle from you:

Utilising the pool of contacts - your assigned build company and project manager will have in place a range of vetted contacts and suppliers that you can tap into.  Due to the relationship built these contractors can often be flexible on their booked time and you can be assured each individual is capable of their job.
Liaising with external contractors and authorities on your behalf - throughout the build there may be additional people required to visit the site, either to review work undertaken or carry out specialised trades. Your project manager holds responsibility for scheduling and managing any outcomes of these visit.

The smooth flow of labour - your project manager will have a clear understanding of the timing of each stage of the build and the labour requirements, enabling the flow of the project to be maintained. 
Facilitating deliveries safely and appropriately timed for the build - your project manager is responsible for all deliveries to the site.  These need to be carefully scheduled not only for the stage of the build but also consideration needs to be given for storage of the deliveries and managing the unloading, in some cases large deliveries can pose a safety risk to the surrounding build site. 

One person to liaise with - no matter what stage of the build or type of query you may have or the build team may have for you, you don't need to source each individual person to talk to. Your project manager acts as the communication hub, ensuring that the communication flow is concise and relevant.

Managing build issues - as your project manager is on site and has the pre-qualified experience, any potential issues can be rectified in a timely fashion or pre-empted to ensure the build is not affected.

Budget management - meticulously managing the project scope is a role of your project manager, they will be keeping you informed of forecasts and changes protecting your assigned budget.

Assign the workforce appropriately - possessing detailed knowledge of the overall project enables your project manager to appoint each individual to the appropriate task at the right time, guaranteeing all site workforce provide maximum benefit to the project.

Site health and safety - the control of the site is the responsibility of the project manager, they will ensure that all regulations are adhered to and the necessary insurances in place.

Clean and safe leaving - activity on the construction site can bring hazards, your project manager has a duty of care to keep the site safe to both you and the general public. 

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