Loft Conversion Costs

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Matthew Charlton | 20/03/16

What makes up the cost of a loft conversion?
Generally considered a straightforward way of increasing usable space within your home, a loft conversion can range from a simple one-room creation to a suite of rooms with increased roof height.

The main factors that will determine your loft conversion cost are the obvious ones:
- Size
- Type of conversion (skylight, dormer, gable, mansard)
- Number of rooms
- Changes to comply with building regulations (these could be structural)
- Added features such as the addition of a bathroom/shower room

Drilling down into the specific elements, your loft conversion cost will be made up predominantly of the following areas:
- Site management
    - Architect fees
    - Planning and control
    - Dedicated site project manager
- Building materials including insulation, roofing, timber, plasterboards
- Windows (costs can vary considerably depending on the type of windows installed)
- Roof structure
- Plumbing (should your conversion have the addition of a bathroom/shower room)
- Access to the loft space (stairs)
- Scaffolding
- Electrics
- Finishing touches (decorating)

Each loft conversion is unique and therefore in order to gain an accurate cost it would be advised to have a conversion assessment undertaken which your building company will be able to undertake for you.  Further information on ballpark loft conversion costs can be found at

With all the above elements taken into consideration, a well thought out and constructed loft conversion can have a positive impact on the value of your home.  

The Nationwide reported, “Homeowners that add a loft conversion or extension incorporating a double bedroom and a bathroom can add about 20% to the value of a three bedroom, one bathroom house." click here for the full report.

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