Loft Conversion Staircase Options

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Ben Wilson | 5/11/18

The staircase, sometimes an overlooked feature that has the ability to radically change your loft conversion.  With the involvement of an experience loft conversion company and/or a good architect there are often simple yet clever alternatives layout options that can positively affect both...

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Planning for a house renovation

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Matthew Charlton | 9/10/18

Finding that hidden gem of a property that has been untouched for years and breathing new life into can be a very rewarding experience. However, be sure to plan your home renovation and be prepared for the upheaval in advance. Current condition - asses the...

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How to live on a building site

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Matthew Charlton | 4/09/18

Your home renovation or house extension project is about to begin, so how are you going to survive living on a building site?  We have a few tips to help: Designated builders’ area An area set aside for the building team to take...

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4 Ways to Introduce Natural Light Into Your House Extension

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Matthew Charlton | 17/08/18

Extending your property could reduce the amount of natural light into your rooms, especially if these are now situated in the middle of your house. Therefore, it’s essential to think about how you’re going to allow natural light into your house....

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A review of roof options

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Matthew Charlton | 17/07/18

Let's take a look at your two main choices when it comes to roof type, flat and pitched.  Your decision will play a major part in the the overall look of your extension. Flat Roof - Pros Flat roofs are generally less expensive...

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Building within a conservation area

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Matthew Charlton | 13/06/18

With over eight thousand conservation areas in the United Kingdom, most of them in urban areas, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that you live in one.  So for anyone undertaking a home building, renovation or extension project, one of...

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Benefits to extending your home instead of moving

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Matthew Charlton | 27/04/18

You’ve run out of space in your house or the space you do have is just not working for you.  One option could be to move, find a bigger, new property that works for you better. Or look at extending your current...

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Upright Feature in KBB Magazine

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Becky Ryan | 8/03/18

Upright Construction is featured in Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms (KBB) Magazine, February edition.  The article covers comprehensive information on loft conversions and on page 78 showcases a step guide by Matthew Charlton on planning and costing a loft conversion.  Know what to expect Matt...

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