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Matthew Charlton | 30/07/19

We undertake home extensions, renovations and build projects every day and always feel really privileged to work on transforming homes. 

Our home renovation project in Lingfield started as all other projects.  A site visit, discussion with the homeowner, review of plans and completion of a contract of work (in simplistic terms), but this project was set to take a twist after a call from the team at Amazing Productions Ltd, the makers of the Channel 4 TV show George Clarke's Old House New Home.  With a new series commissioned they were in need of a renovation project within the Reigate area, the renovation project we had set to begin to a period cottage in Lingfield fitted the brief.

With the Upright Construction team in place, a supportive and onboard homeowner, ideas incorporated from Mr. George Clarke himself and the project timelines updated in order to fit in with the TV production, the build was set to go.  

Work started immediately, the staircase was set to be removed and refitted in a different position to provide a better use of the entrance and flow through the house and the kitchen and dining area was set to be transformed.  The wall between the kitchen and the dining area was removed to provide the home with a fantastic kitchen/diner area with new bi-fold doors opening out to the garden.  A new kitchen designed by Lime Designs Kitchen & Joinery in Dorking was installed with a fantastic island area and a clever under window seating area incorporating storage.  

It wasn't only the staircase and kitchen/dining area which benefited from the renovation.  The lounge and study area were completely renovated, with the removal of a large fireplace to incorporate a new sleek integrated fireplace flanked by cupboards and a desk area constructed by our own carpenter.  The interior designs were courtesy of the team at Amazing Productions Ltd.

After just 6 weeks the family was ready to move in and welcome George Clarke and his production team back into the home.  

This project certainly tested our ability to turn things around in what would normally have been an unrealistic timeline; however, with the fantastic team we have within Upright and the team at Lime Designs in Dorking, we delivered on time.

Our project has now aired on Channel 4, however, if you'd like to see our team in action click here to the episode on catch up.

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