Building Throughout The Winter Months

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Ben Wilson | 15/12/15

Wet, cold conditions - can my build continue or even start? The answer is yes. The weather may turn but the attitude of your construction company shouldn't.

We all wish for nice warm, dry weather when doing a job outside but sometimes the British weather isn't on our side, this is certainly the case during the winter months.  The clever use of provisions and determined attitude of your construction company will keep the build going.

The use of tarpaulins and sheeting secured with battening can be utilised for projects such as loft conversions and extensions, these allow the workers to continue in the dry, away from the elements and also protect the work being done.

In certain cases an over scaffold or 'tin hat' scaffold construction will be utilised, this provides a full temporary roof structure.  This type of cover is used in extreme construction cases such as full roof removal during a loft conversion, without a temporary roof this type of build would not be able to continue until the summer months.  It is true that masonry jobs can get tricky if the temperature dips (in most cases work can continue in 3 degrees and rising); however if required the area can be sheltered and heaters utilised to keep the temperature at the desired level.

There aren't any particular 'tricks of the trade' in keeping a build going over the winter months, it comes down to simple tasks such as monitoring the forecast so full advantage can be taken during the good spells of weather and good scheduling. Your site project manager should have a good hand on the jobs that can continue and retain the enthusiasm to keep their team working whilst continuously ensuring their safety.

There is one major bonus for undertaking/continuing your build project throughout the winter period, when the summer comes it is likely your build will be finished and you can enjoy your home, whilst the majority of other people who start their project in the Spring/Summer are living in a building site!

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