Answering the Common Questions When Employing a Building Company

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Becky Ryan | 11/01/16

From the start, the excitement and anticipation of a house extension, home renovation or loft conversion project can often take over and no matter how many boxes you think you've ticked there are always some unanswered questions along the way.

The Upright team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. As the first port of call when contacting the office I see a trend for certain questions, here are the questions and answers for a few regulars we experience.


I don't have any plans/drawings at this stage, could you recommend a local architect?
 Yes, we work very closely with several architects and would be more than happy to pass on their contact details.


From the site visit when would I be likely to receive your written quotation?                                               You would receive our quotation within 7-10 working days, during busier periods this could take a little longer. All our quotations are drawn up in the order in which the site visits have taken place.

I'm not sure my budget will cover my design ideas, if this is the case would you be able to assist with alternative ideas on design and spec to get the overall price within budget?
 Yes, we would be more than happy to revisit the site and discuss other design alternatives in order to achieve a build within budget. We also have extensive product knowledge and supplier links, so where possible we can provide advice on and source more affordable products.

I notice a section on my quote with PC’s sums, what are these?
 It is not always possible to be 100% specific/accurate on costs for certain elements of your quote. This could be because the costs are unknown or items/specs have been undecided by the client.  In this instance, we would provide you with a ‘Provisional Cost’ for such areas of the work. We would endeavour to get these costs as realistic as possible; however client’s final chosen specification could provide an impact.

Should I wish to proceed with Upright what is your current lead time?
 Under usual working conditions we estimate an average lead time of between 8-12 weeks following acceptance of our quotation; however this is dependent on the type of job and the specialist tradesmen required.

Would I be able to contact previous clients of yours to receive their feedback on your service and expertise?
 Yes!  We encourage you to talk to both our current and previous clients and we would be more than happy to help facilitate this.  You can also view cases of our recent work and their supporting testimonials at

Upon accepting Upright's quotation, am I expected to pay a deposit?
 Once the quote has been accepted and signed by both parties we require a deposit of 2.5% of the build cost.  This deposit secures your job and allows us to provide you with a confirmed start date for your build.


If you find your questions are still unanswered do give our office a call on 01737 245040.

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