10 Reasons to Extend your Home

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Matthew Charlton | 13/02/19

With the expense of moving house and the uncertainty of the market putting many people off putting their property up for sale, it is no wonder many homeowners are looking to add an extension to their home to create the space required.  Whether you’re looking to add a wrap around kitchen extension, small cloakroom or two storey extension there are many good reasons to extend.

1. Modernise your home

With the shift towards a social style of living, many homeowners are looking to create a large kitchen/dining/living space.  Adding a kitchen/diner space is generally possible to most properties, with the option to extend the full width of the property or create an ‘L’ shaped extension to incorporate a side return area.

2. Increase space

Often the main reason to extend is to increase space.  Simply extending into a wasted side return area or extending into an otherwise disused loft can make a drastic difference to the living space of your property.

3. Remaining in the neighbourhood

Moving from a neighbourhood which works well can be unsettling.  By extending your property the issue of finding a new suitable neighbourhood is removed.

4. Tailored to you

Create the home you want by extending, redesigning and/or renovating your property.

5.  Avoid the cost and upheaval of moving

Put the money into your property that you would otherwise lose in moving costs.

6. Optimise your existing space

Look at your home in a new way and utilise areas you have otherwise ignored e.g. loft space or an under stairs area to create an increased living area in your home.

7. Bring the outdoors in

Creating an extension with access to the garden with doors, whether these be bi-fold, sliding or french doors can create a great flow and feeling of space to your home.

8. Increase the efficiency

Modern technologies can help reduce the running costs of your home and increase the quality of living.  New windows with higher insulative qualities, underfloor heating provides a more efficient method of warming a room, and solar panels are all options.

9. Increase the value of your property

Adding a well-designed home extension can add value and make your property more desirable.

10. It can be a simple process

Employing a good architect and building company to design and build your new home extension is key.   For advice on choosing the right builder click here.


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