How to live on a building site

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Matthew Charlton | 4/09/18

Your home renovation or house extension project is about to begin, so how are you going to survive living on a building site?  We have a few tips to help:

Designated builders’ area

An area set aside for the building team to take a break, have their lunch, discuss plans is ideal.  Either situated within an area of the home that you are able to set aside or even better within an outbuilding or garage if available and unaffected by the work.

Start and finish times

Set agreed start and finish times with your builder and if possible provide a key to access the property so work can continue even when you’re away.

A makeshift kitchen

Depending on the building project, if the kitchen is affected it would be advised to have the building team set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house.  A slightly simplified version than what you’re used to, this kitchen area will enable you to have some cooking facilities. A microwave and a slow cooker can be advantageous in these situations.

Daily clean up

Controlling the dust can be a mammoth task in some renovation and building projects.  Agree with your tradesmen, that after each day they complete a site clean-up. This not only helps control and contain the dust, it also helps you see the progress achieved.  Completely sealing off areas unaffected by the build and covering furniture and belongings with dust sheets will also really help.

Take a break

In most cases the decision to stay put is usually financially related, so paying for rent or hotel fees on top of the mortgage and project can be a stretch too far.  Where possible try and take a break from the home, days out, visit to friends etc. will help you get through the project and give yourself a moment away from the work at home.


The team at Upright Construction do all we can to make your home renovation or extension project an enjoyable experience.  If you’re looking to undertake a home renovation or house extension project, Click here to view some examples of our recent work or alternatively contact a member of our team on 01737 245040 who will be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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