Getting your building work done safely

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Matthew Charlton | 8/02/18

As a homeowner it is your duty of care to ensure that the people you employ to undertake your building work, whether it be a home extension, house renovation, loft conversion or complete new home build are fully competent.

It is advisable to:

  • Determine the competency of people doing paid construction work for you - the builder you appoint to undertake your construction work need to be able to demonstrate to you as their client, that they are competent to carry out the work and have allocated the necessary resources to do the work safely.
  • Appoint a project supervision/manager - it is advisable to appoint expert project supervision especially if your work will involve more than one contractor.  Should it be noted that particular risks are involved in undertaking your project, an expert project manager would be a definite.  Examples of particular risks would include working from heights, work involving asbestos and work involving heavy parts such as steel beams.

So how do you appoint the appropriate project manager?

When you engage with a reputable building/construction company it is likely that a Building Project Supervisor/Project Manager will be appointed to your build project.  This individual will undertake various safety related duties within your project, with emphasis being around the coordination of the works and the co-operation of the workers.  If you have engaged with an architect for the design work, it would be possible if you feel the need to also appoint the architect as the Project Supervisor Design Process, they would work hand in hand with the Building Project Manager.

How to ascertain if your building contractor is competent?

Ask your builder. Utilise the following checklist to help you determine their suitability:

  • Are you competent to carry out this work?
  • Have you completed work like this before?
  • Have you and your staff received safety training or undertaken any safety courses?
  • Can I have references for previous work or visit previous work that you have done?
  • Have the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) ever taken enforcement action against you or your company?
  • Are your workers professional tradespeople?

Reviewing all of these elements and utilising the checklist should assist you in appointing a building contractor who is able to undertake your building work safely and competently.  At Upright Construction all of our project managers have successfully undertaken the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme by CITB Site Safety Plus, with all of our staff participating in a health and safety course in accordance with Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety Regulations run by Peardon Health & Safety Ltd.  

For a fully compliant and safe build contact us on 01737 245040 or visit us at for further information.

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