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Matthew Charlton | 27/02/18

The size, style and layout of your new extension could drastically alter the way in which you use your home and undergo daily activities.  It is therefore, important that the extension is designed around your needs and requirements.  

Ask yourself:

What am I trying to achieve from this build, is it to create a larger living area or to section a part of the property for an office for example?

How will I utilise the build and the rest of the property?  There is little point adding a large kitchen extension and then losing the use of the rest of the property.

When it come to the actual design of your extension, you may wish to engage with an architect.  Your architect will be able to give you advice and options for your extension and provide you with professional drawings of the design, most people find this a really useful way to visualise their new space.

Once you have a clear idea of the space of your new extension your focus should also go towards fixed room items, eg doors and windows.  These items are very important to get right, as they can be difficult and costly to change at a later stage, your architect will be able to give you guidance.  There are many items that will be flexible within your new extension; however, the design and layout of these spaces should not be overlooked as you may want specific items in specific places, for instance you may want a dining table to sit directly underneath a roof light.

So you now have your plans drawn and approved if necessary, you need to instruct a builder.  The key to any successful home improvement are professional, reliable tradesmen.  If you have engaged with an architect it is more than likely they will have a builder or two that they would recommend and work with on a regular basis.  As you would when looking to make any new purchase look for online reviews on your builder, ask for references and where possible visit some build projects they have undertaken.  Any good builder will be more than happy to put you in touch with previous clients and meet you at your premises to discuss your building project with you.

Here at Upright Construction we are always more than happy to work alongside the architect of your choice and provide you with evidence of our build work.  Discover more about us at

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