Benefits to extending your home instead of moving

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Matthew Charlton | 27/04/18

You’ve run out of space in your house or the space you do have is just not working for you.  One option could be to move, find a bigger, new property that works for you better. Or look at extending your current property, this has many advantages, no property sale and purchase to go through, change of addresses and your local network remains.

Extending your home has a number of strong advantages over moving house:

Design Control:

  • The usual reason for extending or moving is to gain more space but by extending your home, you are in control of the space you create at the design stage (within planning and technical limitations).
  • You can achieve the layout you would like, should you want a larger walk in wardrobe than en-suite then this can be factored in, rarely will you find your exact requirements within an existing new home.
  • You are only paying for what you want.
  • You decide on the finishing touches, sanitaryware, kitchen units and flooring from the start.
  • Extending your property could allow you to re-configure and utilise other parts of your home.


  • The money you put into your home is not wasted, whereas when moving there are a number of large costs incurred.

Added value:

The actual value of an extension will depend on size and also the quality of the construction, what type of room the extension houses and the exact location of the property within a local authority, however, in certain areas an extension very easily pays for itself.  Here is a calculator tool which can help you determine the increase in value an extension could provide.

Local Amenities:

If your current property has all the amenities you require such as schools, shops, transport facilities etc, looking to reciprocate these with a new property can be challenging.

Council Tax:

Under current legislation, and providing that no other existing properties are involved, alterations and extensions will not affect the valuation band until the property is sold, so you will be making a saving compared to moving to a similar property. However, once sold the banding may be reviewed and the new taxpayer will have to pay a higher amount of Council Tax if the band is increased.  For further information click here.


Here at Upright Construction we specialise in house extensions and have undertaken a vast range of different types of extensions for our clients.  For more information on some of the build projects we have recently completed click here to review our work.

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